Stewardship Sunday

The Executive of the Parish has set aside Sunday September 16th as Stewardship Sunday. Our Parish has not had a substantial initiative to raise awareness of our commitments and financial position. The Executive has agreed to sermons being preached on September 16th and September 30th to help raise awareness of our spiritual responsibilities with respect to stewardship.

During the winter a downturn in the current giving levels has occurred; costs have not diminished in parallel. As a Parish we have been fortunate to have many of our expenses covered by from others outside the Parish. We are currently able to pay our accounts when they fall due, however we do
not have any surplus. We have a small contingency sum set aside for emergencies however!!!!

What can we as individuals do?

  • Pray about our situation and all that is happening within the Parish.
  • Are you able to increase your giving at all?
  • Please set up a direct debit – set and forget for an extended period.
  • Should you leave a bequest?


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