Restrictions Update

The ACT Government has announced stage 2.1 of the COVID SAFE plan is to commence.

This allows for religious gatherings with congregations of 20.

This does not mean we are in a position to simply resume services. There are cleaning and WHS requirements involved in re-opening our churches and sites to the public. The Parish Council will assess these requirements on an ongoing basis however at the the present time we do not feel it is wise, safe or practicable for us to open for public services. We realise that this may be disappointing and ask for your patience as we work through this complex situation. We must consider the well-being of our parishioners, the general public and our clergy as we contemplate re-opening.

Our position from early May remains unchanged: “There are a number of safety concerns and protocols that will need to be established and made practicable before on site activities will be able to resume in any form. It is important that we get all of these settings right and that our clergy have time to consider the shape of our ministry moving forward. We appreciate your patience.” 

It does not seem likely that we will be “going back to normal”. We must prepare ourselves to accept that activities we once were involved with may not be resuming, at least in the form they used to occur. It may also be some time before the “new normal” emerges. This is a source of sadness but we must also keep faith in the Christian hope that in giving up we receive and in dying comes new life. As we let go of old ways and habits, we trust that God will grace us with other opportunities.

Our online services and gatherings continue to provide us with encouragement and points of community connection. These will be particularly helpful throughout the winter months.

Parishioners will be advised by email and on this website of any changes as they become possible.