Report on the parish meeting – Support for Refugees & Asylum Seekers

Thanks to the many parishioners who contributed to the meeting last Sunday. Over 30 people attended and about 20 contributed via emails and over many chats at church. The meeting was positive and committed to finding the best way forward. A starting point for the meeting was to look at at a broader group of people in our community and the question was restated as: “Should we do more to support people who are dislocated and new to our country?

We now need to be able to identify them, understand their needs, be aware of our capacity to help. The small team of volunteers to help do this research includes from the 10am congregation: Elizabeth King, Roni Corne, Michael Sisley, Michael Richards & Les Böhm, and from the 8.00AM service, Claudia Hyles. Please contact any of these people to offer your thoughts on what we might do and any offers of help.


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