Walking Group

Sat 11Oct2014
Goorooyarroo Boulder Carpark

Time: 10:00am

Location: Goorooyarroo

Address: Goorooyarroo Boulder Carpark

Goorooyarroo, Gecko Hills, Border Marker and a small oasis… this walk will give us an opportunity to explore parts of Gooroo not yet walked by the group. There will be undulations, particularly the walk up to the saddle at Gecko Hills; and take in part of the new Centenary Trail.

Please bring the usual walking snacks and lunch. Walking sticks are recommended. We are hoping to have coffee @Breizh Cafe, Ainslie after the walk, therefore please let us know if you are planning to join this walk no later than October 8. Meet at Goorooyarroo Boulder Carpark. Yellow Pages Map 8, Grid G16, off Horsepark Drive.

For more information please contact Mike & Margaret Roach 6281 6096.

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