Walking Group – Duffy Walk

Sat 26May2018
47 Burrinjuck Cres, Duffy ACT 2611

Time: 9:15am – 11:30am

Contact: John and Narelle Gibson / 6161 2321

Location: Duffy Primary School

Address: 47 Burrinjuck Cres, Duffy ACT 2611

Start to walk up pathways from shops to top street, Eucumbene Drive, use underpass and stile. Old sign still there, calling the hill Narrabundah Hill, a name carried on from early Canberra development.

Walk up through the trees and join road to top trig station. Track leads to the back of the hill, coming to cement pipeline markers. Turn right and down the hill, turn right again and we follow the fence on the Equestrian trail. Views are of Mt Stromlo and the new suburbs.
We come out on Eucumbene Drive, over another stile and proceed down Warragamba Avenue, down to a bus shelter. Crossing over, we walk into a recently constructed car park, for Weston Creek Dog Park. The landscaping of the area is still in progress.

Note the concrete foundation wall on left, the site of the Forestry Building, that was burnt down in the 2003 bushfire. Dates are shown as 1971 and further down, 1978. Re the area on top of the wall, it is still being developed. Straight ahead, views of Denman Prospect and to the right, suburb of North Duffy, the former area for forestry worker homes.

We proceed down pathways, to come out at Duffy school and to the right, the car park.
For those wishing to go for coffee, proceed via Hindmarsh Drive, to Sakeenas on the top area of Cooleman Court shops. Ample toilet facilities are there also.

For those needing walking poles, the uphill and downhill gravel access roads are not difficult to negotiate

Enquiries and acceptances to: Narelle or John Gibson, phone 6161 2321, or email.

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