Walking Group – Black Mountain to Belconnen Walk

Sat 07Jul2018
Frith Rd Acton ACT 2601

Time: 9:00am

Contact: Georgina Ekin / 62958396 or 0428126682

Location: Black Mountain

Address: Frith Rd Acton ACT 2601

Starting from Frith Road at the base of Black Mountain, we will walk part of the Centenary Trail via the Australian Institute of Sport (AIS) to John Knight Memorial Park, Townsend Place, Belconnen.

This is an easy to medium 9 km. walk but not hard. It encompasses a broad variety of scenery and at times feels miles from anywhere. There are sealed and unsealed tracks of varying width. Hiking boots or shoes with soles that grip well are recommended as there are occasional loose surfaces.

Please meet at 9.00 a.m. at John Knight Memorial Park, Townsend Place, Belconnen. We will then take some cars from there to the start at Frith Road. The walk is expected to take three and a half hours allowing for a short coffee break at the AIS. Bring water and snacks if required.

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