Walking Group

Sat 28Mar2015
12 Kirkpatrick Street Weston ACT 2611

Time: 9:00am

Contact: John Gibson – 6161 2321

Location: RSPCA – Weston

Address: 12 Kirkpatrick Street Weston ACT 2611

A walk to see the area not visible from the road; between the RSPCA at Weston and Government House. Meet at 9am, in Weston, Map 67 in UBD/Gregory’s map book. Turn at the lights at Kirkpatrick Street just west of the Tuggeranong Parkway overpass, on the Cotter Road. Go past the RSPCA, turn left and meet in the car park spaces facing the top North Weston pond. Suggest bring a drink, a snack and camera. The walk is for 4.4 kms and we should be returning to our cars by noon. RSVP to John or Narelle Gibson, on 6161 2321 or johngibson@grapevine.com.au by 25th March.

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