Walk – Hall to One Tree Hill

Sat 17Mar2018

St Paul’s Walking Group welcomes you to join us on a part of the National Walking Trail on Saturday, 17th March. The walk, Hall to One Tree Hill (altitude 894 metres), is about 4.2 kms (1.5 hours) each way and provides stunning views of Gungahlin and Canberra. For the most part, it is a leisurely walk on a gentle incline until the last part where there are steps up to the summit.

You do not need special clothing or equipment. Mostly we wear shorts or jeans, carry a bottle of water and lunch to eat on the summit, or whenever we feel like stopping for a rest.

The walk will be lead by Beverley and Tony Butterfield., ph. 6288 4718 or email butterfield@webone.com.au.

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