Mt Pleasant – Duntroon – Molonglo River Walk

Sat 27Aug2016
Molonglo Reach District Park, Campbell ACT 2612

Time: 9:00am

Contact: John Holthouse / 6231 4228 or 0432 543 396

Location: Molonglo Reach District Park

Address: Molonglo Reach District Park, Campbell ACT 2612

Following a car shuttle departing 9am from Molonglo Reach District Park, there will be time to enjoy the spectacular views from the summit of Mt Pleasant before we commence an easy 4 km downhill stroll along public thoroughfares to the historic, picturesque grounds of Royal Military College (RMC), Duntroon.

Along the way we will visit the grave of Major General Bridges (Commander,1st Australian Division, at Gallipoli) and Changi Chapel, with the highlight being a private guided tour of heritage listed Duntroon House (Canberra’s oldest building).

An RMC officer will join us at the summit and accompany us as we stroll through the Duntroon precinct, providing interpretative comments at each stop.

At the end of the walk, we’ll drive to a convenient venue for a late morning coffee & snacks.

Please ensure that you register with the organiser for the walk, preferably no later than Thursday evening, 25 August.

Note: Access to the Park is only possible via the southern city bound carriageway of Morshead Drive, directly opposite Plant Road, Duntroon. The car shuttle will depart at 9:00am sharp.

Security note: As both ADFA and RMC are defence establishments, please ensure that you carry photo identification with you during this walk.

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