Millpost Hill Walk

Sat 15Jul2017
North Lyneham Shops, Colville St, Lyneham ACT 2602

Time: 9:00am – 3:00pm

Contact: Georgina Ekin / 0428126682

Location: Millpost Hill

Address: North Lyneham Shops, Colville St, Lyneham ACT 2602

Starting from Bywong Community Hall, walk to Millpost Hill and return.

This is a fairly easy 10.6 km walk on good foot tracks with some short grass at the top of Millpost Hill. The total climb is 190 metres. Millpost Hill is 890 metres above sea level and provides magnificent 360 degree views towards Black Mountain, Lake George escarpment and the wind turbines and Kowen Forest.

Along the way, we will see the Bywong and Wamboin communities which live close to Canberra.

Please meet at 9.00 am at North Lyneham Shops, Colville St., off Montford Crescent. We will then take some cars from there to the start of the walk at Bywong Community Hall.

It is expected that we will return to North Lyneham shops before 3.00 pm. Bring water, lunch and snacks if required. If you would like to come on the walk, please let Georgina Ekin know by Wednesday, 12 July 2017. Georgina’s contact details are 62958396, 0428126682 or by email.

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