Vanity’s & Padovan’s Crossing Walk

Sat 08Oct2016
Cotter Reserve, Paddys River, Australian Capital Territory

Time: 8:30am

Contact: Lorraine Lister /

Location: Cotter Reserve

Address: Cotter Reserve, Paddys River, Australian Capital Territory

We will gather at the car park at Cotter reserve at 8:30am (where the pub used to stand). We will drive together on the Brindabella Road past the Uriarra Settlement to Warks Rd. Some cars may be parked a little way off the road. The rest will proceed approx 3km of dirt to the intersection of Yellow Rabbit Road. (2WD standard) We will park the remainder of the cars there.

The walk will proceed to Vanity’s crossing ( which we do not cross) then north to Padovan’s Crossing. We will then turn south again skirting around the hill (unnamed on the map ) back to the cars.

There are great views all the way & walking is on good dirt roads.

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