Easter details

Over the week from Palm Sunday to Easter Day there were 1,263 people at services at St Paul’s with another couple of hundred at St David’s. We were fortunate to have Associate Professor David Neville teaching us from the Scriptures on Monday to Thursday in Holy Week. A total of 214 people attended these services. We were all blessed by David’s teaching. There were 150 people on Good Friday, 105 on Easter Eve and 630 on Easter Day. The 10 am Eucharist was sung to Darke in F and was overflowing with 460 people. The Rector also attended and spoke at the inaugural Dawn Service at Parliament House at 6 am. Many thanks to all who contributed in so many ways to the success of our Easter celebration.

The clergy also conducted Easter services in Jindalee and Morling Lodge aged care facilities and, together with the honorary clergy, also shared Holy Communion with a number of people in their homes and in hospital.


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