Easing of Restrictions

The easing of Coronavirus lockdown restrictions is beginning slowly.

Parishioners are advised that this does not mean normal parish activities and services are able to resume at this time.

There are a number of safety concerns and protocols that will need to be established and made practicable before on site activities will be able to resume in any form. It is important that we get all of these settings right and that our clergy have time to consider the shape of our ministry moving forward. We appreciate your patience.

This is also an important opportunity to reconsider what the nature of our Parish ministries will be as we live with COVID-19. It does not seem likely that we will be “going back to normal”. We must all be prepared to accept that activities we once were involved with may not be resuming, at least in the form they used to occur. It may also be some time before the “new normal” emerges.

Meanwhile, we will continue to cover the gap virtually.

Parishioners will be advised by email and on this website of any changes as they become possible.

B Edwards