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Commenced in 1938, St Paul’s Church is the first Anglican Church built in the newly-founded ACT and its evolution and development is closely associated with the first 100 years of Canberra’s history. It is a unique architectural expression in the ACT that features the ‘Canberra brick’ in an Art Deco Gothic composition that is not used to any significant extent elsewhere in the Territory. The style and design, by architects Burcham Clamp and Son, has noted architectural references to Walter Burley Griffin and is highly valued by architects and others who consider the building to have outstanding design and aesthetic qualities. St Paul’s Church has been a place of worship, celebration and commemoration for many decades and has high social value to its congregation who have worked long and hard on all aspects of the building. Its dramatic styling and prominent location combine to make it a distinctive landmark on the edge of Manuka.

This page provides access to documents associated with the conservation and management of the fabric of St Paul’s and its grounds.

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