Anglican Overseas Aid Vanuatu Cyclone Appeal

Vanuatu is reeling from the devastation wrought by Cyclone Pam. Communities in these islands are mostly in coastal areas and buildings are simple and fragile. The impact of the cyclone will have been huge. Given the scale of the damage, communications are difficult and AOA is still trying to find out the details. The projects that AOA support through their partner, the Anglican Church of Melanesia (ACOM), are based in the northern islands, the most remote part of the country and the people are mostly Anglican. AOA will be supporting ACOM once they have made their assessments and know what needs to be done. Please help AOA to support ACOM and people in this remote and hard-hit part of Vanuatu. For more information contact our St Paul’s Parish AOA Ambassador, Les Böhm, on phone 6161 4963, mobile (04) 0703 1736 or email for more information.


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