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Education for Ministry

Why Education?

  • Because we believe that faith and reason can be partners in a well-balanced religious life.
  • Because we all have things to learn about the Bible and about the history of Christianity.
  • And because learning at your own pace in a small friendly group, sharing ideas and questions, is deeply rewarding.

Why Ministry?

  • Because we are called to live as Christians, not simply to sign up to a set of beliefs. EfM is a place to explore what the meaning of our faith might be for us personally.
  • Because living as Christians is something we do in the everyday world, not just on Sundays, and EfM can help us to discover how to do that better by putting our experience of life and contemporary culture into a conversation with our Christian tradition and our personal beliefs.
  • And no, it’s not about training for the ordained ministry.

The St Paul’s EfM group meets once a week. Accredited mentors and a national curriculum guide our work, in common with numerous EfM groups around Australia.

Members commit to a year of membership at a time. The full program takes four years to complete but does not have to be done continuously. There are some modest costs involved and a fair bit of reading to do. Yes, it’s a big commitment. But worth it: members of the group report that ‘being part of EfM helps us to be more part of the St Paul’s community, to make friends in the faith, to grow together and to voice our doubts and fears and joys and hopes in a supportive environment.’

Enrolments open to new members at the beginning of the calendar year. There will be notices in the pew bulletin and on this site: otherwise contact one of the group mentors, Michael Richards (6227 5769) or Kay Pendlebury (6297 8587).

You can discover more about EfM here . This site gives full information about the curriculum and reading materials and gives links to other EfM sites around the world.