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Congratulations on your decision to be married.

Marriage is a gift of God where a man and a woman enter into a life-long partnership uniting them in heart, mind and body.  The Church believes that God calls people to marriage and draws their differing gifts and hopes into a unity of love and service.  It is in the joy of this union that husband and wife enrich and respond to each other, growing in tenderness and understanding.  In a marriage service in the Anglican Church of Australia God’s blessing is sought on the couple, the life and the relationship they share together.

Please note, because we understand the celebration of Marriage to be both a pastoral and sacramental occasion, we do not simply ‘take bookings’ for weddings. Our clergy will be delighted to meet with you to discuss the process and requirements for weddings in this parish and to assist you prepare for this most significant personal and spiritual event.

If you are interested in being married by one of our clergy at a service in St Paul’s or St David’s Churches, we invite you to attend one of our services and speak with the clergy about your desire to be married.

If you do not live in the Canberra region and would like to make an appointment with the clergy to speak about your circumstances, please phone the Parish Office on 02 6239 6148.


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