Pastoral care

Christians are called to support one another through care and charity.

Sacramental pastoral care by the parish clergy may be arranged for those who are in special need, especially local nursing home residents, the housebound, the very sick and the dying.

We are also keen to provide prayerful support for the bereaved and those experiencing other difficult circumstances.

Material Support

We have a dedicated and active Refugee Support Team who help provide material support for refugees in the Canberra area.

Our Parish supports the ministry of St John’s Care located at Reid. For those in urgent material need, please make direct contact with St John’s Care. / Phone : 02 6248 7771 St John’s Care is located at 45 Constitution Avenue, Reid, in the grounds of St John’s Church.

We are unable to assist with requests for direct financial assistance and do not hand out cash under any circumstances.

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