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Community – Winter 2018

The Winter edition of Community is now available here.

Printed copies will be available at Sunday services. This edition includes coverage of the meeting of Anglican Bishops and the service at St Paul’s they attended, the Annual General Meeting, our Easter experience and the service of farewell for Bishop Stuart Robinson.

Offering Envelopes or Direct Debits

If you use offering envelopes for your contribution to the parish, new sets of envelopes are available at the rear of the church. Alternatively, you can make your contribution by direct debit. This can be done by setting up a regular scheduled payment to the following account: Manuka St Paul’s Anglican Church – Direct Debits, BSB 702 389 Account 05200454.

The Verandah

For many years St Paul’s, Wesley Uniting and Canberra Baptist parishioners have donated generously to support our neighbours at the Stuart Flats through the Verandah. All donations to the Verandah of time, money and food have been used to make life a little easier for the Stuart Flats residents, many of whom have expressed gratitude. The residents are being moved from the Stuart Flats to accommodation throughout Canberra so the Verandah will be closing shortly. It’s the end of an era but perhaps there are other ways in which members of the parish can support others in the community.

Fork and Talk – Results

The Fork and Talk organised by our Refugee Support Team last Sunday raised over $3700 for the UNHCR Rohingya Emergency Appeal. Around 100 people, including many from outside our parish, heard the UNHCR Representative in Australia, Thomas Albrecht, give an informative and sometimes very moving account of the refugee situation facing UNHCR and the world.

He expressed grave concern about the stability of the hillside Rohingya camps in Bangladesh as the monsoon season approached. Mr Albrecht drew particular attention to the plight of refugees in detention on Nauru and Manus Island and the domestic and international political tensions to which they had become hostage, with almost all now experiencing mental health problems.

COG’s Solomon Snippets

To help us learn more about our neighbour, the Solomon Islands, where we are supporting the AOA solar lights project, the Community Outreach Group will share occasional news about the Solomons, our project or regional news when we have some interesting news to share.

Look for these news items in future Weekly Bulletins.

Episcopal Election

If you missed the Episcopal Election Nominations Committees’ Regional Workshop for Canberra South, you may want to attend one at St John’s, 45 Constitution Avenue, Reid on Thursday, 3rd May, 7 – 10 pm.

You can find the online survey on the Diocesan website.